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Percy Jackson & House Of Anubis Crossover fanfic 2 weeks into the school year The students where home so we got to meet our boarding buddies. Maybe amber or Fabian nina is one as you know daughter of Apollo. Percy Jackson and the Olympians + Het Huis Anubis/House of Anubis Crossover. Follow/ Chapter one Nina, has arrived at the house. "Nina," Fabian looked irritated. I looked up at Fabian and he pulled me into a kiss. Percy Jackson and the Olympians + Het Huis Anubis/House of in the House of Anubis for Nina, Amber, Patricia, Mara, Jerome, Fabian, Mick.

How will they hide the fact that they are demigods? Can the Anubis gang hide Sibuna? Will the two new and mysterious members be part of Sibuna? What mysteries will they uncover? No KT or Willow. They're going to help fight in the war. Nina's haunted by the fact that Percy and Annabeth had fallen to Tartarus, and she wasn't there to help before they fell.

Little does she know, there's a new child of Poseidon. Happens soon after K. Nina and Amber never leave. House of Anubis version of HOH. Will they get caight up in the mysteries of the house?

And will one of the old residents find out something about them that supposed to be a secret? And will new romances flurish as some old ones fade? But will they go home with a whole school full. Will Percabeth become Percina and Eddabeth? Will Rachel speak the last Prophecy ever?

After Nina returns everything is peaceful until, an old enemy starts rising, a traitor among them endangers everyone, and the Kanes arrive. Cross over with Kane Chronicles Co written with: House of Olympus x2 by TeenStarkid reviews Rachel had just given a new prophesy, saying that foreign blood will be the power to saving the world.

The demigods are on a search to get that demigod to safety. At Anubis House Nina's baby has extreme powers. When the rest of the house discovers they are half bloods they go to camp halfblood. While there news about the gods being in trouble, strikes conflict. It's up to Sibuna. Percy is sent on a quest to England to gather more demigods.

He becomes the most liked guy. He sees an old friend and finds a new love. A new mystery is upon the Sibunas and Percy can't help but butt in. What will happen next? Who will he love? Who is the old friend? Read to find out! Percy and Nina Brother and Sister by S.

Cheski reviews percy and nina, siblings? As she saw what was happening, Trudy nearly passed out.

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Before her and the others was a twelve foot tall Minotaur. Nina couldn't believe her eyes. A twelve foot tall half man, half bull thing just appeared in the dining room. And it had to be a school day, of all days. Amber was shrieking her little heart out. Nina had to cover her ears just to prevent her ears from breaking.

As Trudy rushed in to the rescue, in came two other kids, one boy and one girl. They both seemed ready to defeat this thing. They all got into a somewhat fetal position, ready for an earthquake. Nina kept her eyes shut the whole time.

She could feel the pressure and the tension from under the table. This can't be happening, Nina thought. It's just a nightmare, and I'm going to wake up soon. It was mostly likely the one that ran in, the one with black hair and green eyes. You may not know this, but it's not just me that's coming.

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There will be more. She was the one with blonde hair and gray eyes. Nina had to open her eyes, out of curiosity. She saw the boy and girl pointing at the monster with… a sword and dagger? What kind of sixteen year-olds carry lethal weapons? The monster slowly backed up, still holding his stance.

His body was pointed toward the fireplace. Then she saw Trudy standing in the sidelines.

She knew the monster was aiming straight for her. Nina knew she couldn't just leave Trudy for dead. So she did the only thing sensible. Nina threw herself to Trudy, pushing Trudy out of the way just before the monster head-butted on the old fireplace.

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Nina was panting like crazy. She was relieved, of course, but still terrified. The monster grunted as he got himself up once more.

As he got up, he saw Nina. His eyes changed from mad to pure fury. I'm no death princess. Her chest felt a little warm. Then warmer and warmer as the monster got closer and closer to her. Her chest felt as if it was a pot of boiling water, and the bubbles were rolling. When she felt the blinding red glow, and she had to shut her eyes. When she opened them again, the monster was gone. Not even one trace that the past fifteen minutes or so ever even happened.