Hairspray link and tracy meet up

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hairspray link and tracy meet up

A video about how much Tracy Turnblad wants to dance with Link Larkin and really, who doesn't? ;) The video is set in Link's point of view. Hairspray is a musical romantic comedy film based on the Broadway musical of the . The Corny Collins Show set turns into a celebration as Tracy and Link kiss. . Adam Shankman (choreographer/director of the film) as William Morris Talent Agent #2 (Audio) sings "Tied Up in the Knots of Sin" with Shaiman. "(You're) Timeless to Me" EDNA & WILBHR "Without Love" TRACY, LINK, PENNY, SEAWEED, & COMPANY HAIRSPRAY. image CORNY (contin ued) And we know you Turn the sound up You better come on down And meet the.

Corny and Link are immediately impressed by Tracy's dance moves. During an interview with Corny, Tracy again comes out in favor of racial integration, impressing Corny but horrifying Velma. Amber grows increasingly jealous of the attention that Tracy is getting, and, to compound the situation, Corny invites Link to sing a song to Tracy "It Takes Two". Tracy and Link kiss at the conclusion of the song.

Post-show, an argument breaks out between Corny, Velma and Mr. Spitzer, who represents the show's sponsor, Ultra Clutch hairspray.

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Spitzer objects to the casting of Tracy, whom he describes as "that chubby communist. Corny threatens to take the show to another network if Velma interferes. After he departs, a seething Velma decides to ruin Tracy "Velma's Revenge".

At the Turnblad apartment, Edna fields calls from Tracy's burgeoning fan base.

Link Larkin

When Tracy gets a call, inviting her to become the spokesperson for plus-size clothing outfitter, Mr. Pinky, she asks Edna to represent her as her agent.

Edna protests that she hasn't even left the apartment in years, but Tracy insists, and Edna receives an elaborate makeover "Welcome to the 60s".

hairspray link and tracy meet up

Tracy's popularity is skyrocketing at school. Amber spreads mean-spirited rumors about her. The students assemble in gym class for a game of dodgeball.

Penny and Seaweed meet and immediately hit it off.

hairspray link and tracy meet up

A violent game of dodgeball ensues, ending with Amber snapping the ball into Tracy's head, knocking her out cold. Link reprimands Amber and goes to Tracy's aid. Tracy introduces Link to Seaweed and Penny. Seaweed invites them all to a party at his mom's record shop.

hairspray link and tracy meet up

When Link expresses concern that white people may not be welcome in Seaweed's neighborhood, Seaweed reassures him "Run and Tell That". Seaweed's song carries them into Motormouth Maybelle's Record Shop, where Seaweed introduces them to his sister, Little Inez, a dancer who was rejected at the Corny Collins auditions for being black.

Motormouth Maybelle makes a grand entrance. It is about Link and Tracy.

hairspray link and tracy meet up

Yep I am on a hairspray kick again. This is what fan fiction does to me. Please read and review.

Hairspray script

T - English - Chapters: Penny's keeping a secret from Seaweed, Link's being chased by one of his co-workers, Corny and Maybelle might not be as perfect of a couple as we thought, and Tracy has a unexpected backstory. Can they pull through? K - English - Romance - Chapters: This story is just something that I had in my head for a while. So I figured I would jot it down and go from there. I know that the hairspray stories have been slowing down but I hope we can it back.

The language is a little bit in this chapter. Figured I would warn you. Brenda's distance concerns Corny, left in the empty studio for hours gives them time for improvement, they discover more about themselves and what they are.

Terrible at summaries, there's a better explanation at the beginning. With Link on his toes about the agents, Tracy feeling abandoned, Penny sneaking meet-ups with Seaweed, and Amber constantly trying to seduce her ex, changes and choices will have to be made. High-school was never this difficult, but now, they'll have to mend together or split apart for good.

It is definitely something different but something that gives you a lot of creative control. I hope you enjoy.

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K - English - Chapters: Corny's milkman days by laurend44li reviews Imagine the teens from hairspray but as ,young, wide eyed little versions of themselves.

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