Gon and killua meet the press

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gon and killua meet the press

Gon shows extreme tenacity and eventually the apprentice acknowledges Gon's concern for his friend and lets them go to meet Killua. Gon and. Hunter x hunter greed island eng dub ep. 68 clip. Gon travels back home to Whale Island along with Killua. Upon arriving, he meets his Aunt outside their house and embraces her. Mito also greets Killua and .

He hands Hisoka a random badge so right now the clown as 1 point. Random Stranger already has all the points he needs so he decides to relax in a hole until the end of the test.

Hisoka decides not to focus on finding his target, and plans to just take as many badges as he needs to pass the phase. As much as I hate Hisoka I love how he is the center for such high tension for the show. Yay Gon, you beautiful spikey haired child!!!

But before we celebrate… Gon runs away. He hit Gon with enough tranquilizers that will have him out of commission for days! Laughing like the villain he is, he leaves Gon to lie in the dirt to think about his mistakes. Things are looking bleak. Hisoka was impressed by the effort and wants Gon to continue to the next stage of the Hunter exam. Hisoka agrees with me a scary thought and he punches Gon in the face with some parting advice: Without much surprise everyone passes Phase Four: Finally, we come to the last phase.

The Chairman heads this part and has decided it will be a tournament. But this one will be different, everyone just needs one win. The losers will progress in the tournament until there is only one — and that person will not become a Hunter.

So chances are that everyone will become a Hunter… well, except Leorio. How will he pass without his friends to help him? There are roughly 8 more until the end of Season One.

Gon is up first against Ninja assassin Hanzou and… He wins! But not how we expect him to. Of course he catches it, only after a week of trying. So Gon goes off to take the rigorous and physical hunter exam, in order to find his father.

As the whole story unfolds, Gon discovers that finding his father does not prove to be easy. He meets many people along the way who become his friends, including his best friend Killua. There are maybe six or seven arcs throughout the series of Hunter x Hunter, each throwing different challenges at Gon, and all coming before he meets his father. You find out a lot about Gon, his personality, his values, and more. Gon is a very determined individual. When there is something that he needs to do, he almost always gets it done.

If he is not able to do it, or if he slips up in some way, he takes it very personally. That is another thing about Gon: If he becomes close with someone, he will do anything for him or her. On multiple occasions he risks his life for his friends or for the greater good of the world. Gon is what I consider an unconventional hero.

He is only twelve years old and not exactly following the traditional hero story.

gon and killua meet the press

Even so, Gon is in fact a hero in his own way and using some theoretical frameworks, I will explore some specific examples that really highlight his heroism. Barry talks in this chapter about different theorists and their own contributions to narratology. The one I can relate Gon to the most is the section about Gerard Genette.

There is external and internal focalization. Internal focalization focuses on what characters are feeling, that you would not know otherwise. The example that I will talk about from the show really highlights this aspect of narratology. There are many examples in the series of Hunter x Hunter that are important to making meaning in the story.

Killua comes from a family of famous assassins and during his whole life he has been under the control of his family. Holding onto Killua actually felt nice anyway. Why should he complain then. Not even bothering to turn to him.

gon and killua meet the press

What are you thinking? Do you want to die? I'll make sure to protect Killua. So Killua didnt die. Then you'll be the one who dies! I wouldnt mind dying in battle but this-" "just like i said!

I wouldnt ever let Killua die! Dont blame me if we got scolded.

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Giving up as he sighed. Why cant you believe in meKillua? Killua nodded an "okay" as he prepared himself. Both of them didnt put on the seatbeltsinstead they warmed themselves up and before they know it they had arrived at the destinated highest point of the ride. Standing at the same time"its quite long" Killua mumbled. Jumping out from their seatthey easily stood on the thin but strong rail.

After 30 seconds or sothere's already a lot of people watchibg the two of them below. But they didnt realize it because what they must do now is focus. Though its not like both of them scared of height.

All they do is run. Both of them know that. Picking up their pace"let's jump backKillua! The two of them was now right behind the coaster before they jumped back to their seat. Acting like nothing just happened when the front passengers had looked at them. As soon as the ride had finishedboth of them had been held and taken to somewhere.

For half an hour ,they received an earful from the owner of the park or maybe just an usual employer because of their action.

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Sighing in relief as the man let them goKillua glared at the man who walked baside him. Gon look at him with a troubled smile and nodded "i got itim sorry" he said as he awkwardly scratched the back of his head.

Im fine with anything" "okay then! Picking some chocolate-ice cream flavoured for Killua and a vanilla one for himself. Walking toward the bench where Killua should had been. But as he arrived ,he found no one. Gon decided to wait for another 10 minutes before he search for Killua. Looking at the approaching Killua ,he studied the male's figure. How do you know i like chocolate? Killua simply stood up and pulled Gon with him. That gained the person's attention as he looked down at the two young boys.

But it didnt registered to Killua's brain. He cant even think. Those that meanthe one Killua met is. He looked at Killua and shook him "Killuaget a hold of yourself! After few minutesit doesnt seem to workhe tried to shook him harder "Killua! And finally to his reliefthe other jumps and turned to him.

Completely ignoring the taller man. At that pointKillua had asked to himselfwhy is he still afraid of his own brother even though he had already pulled the needle out from his head? Noticing Killua's discomfortthe back haired boy had tried to pull him as far as possible from Illumi before Gon stopped on his track when Killua had suddenly do so. The scene of Illumi holding on Killua's wrist is what welcomed him. In that instantGon had released Killua's another hand and grabbed tight on Illumi's which was holding onto Killua now.

But he could careless about that. While the two of them hold a glaring contest -though honestly it just Gon who glared-Killua just keep quite with his head hung down. But Killua didnt respond. He keep his eyes locked to the ground before finally his head snapped up as soon as he felt a cracking sound.

He turned his head to now furious Gon and finally it come tk him. Gon had broken Illumi's hand. Killua took it as a chance and pulled his hand away.

And without a wordGon had pulled him and walked at quite high speedmaking them as far as he could from Illumi. As they reached a nearby parkGon pulled Killua and set him down on the benchkneeling down in front of him. Killua had panted softly as he nodded "im fine" he said. Gon sighed in relief as he sat beside him. Deciding to shut upGon took a sit beside him and pulled the boy to his embrace.

Flusteredthe silver hair pushed the male away.