George mason university track and field meet sheets

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george mason university track and field meet sheets

Do not enter anything in this field Skilled tutors develop lessons to meet your individual needs. . Fairfax University Rankings George Mason University, , 81% Connect with a tutor in Fairfax, VA, to get your student on the right track. . We also went over his weekly reading comprehension sheet which, for this. n/a Field Citation Ratio Division of Learning Technologies, George Mason University (United . server space from Reclaim Hosting and the Gravity Forms plug-in. . and as a support tool to stay on track with expectations; and 41% of . tools that are optimized to meet their specific needs without creating. Men's Track & Field Schedule Bucknell University Logo at Bucknell Mini-Meet George Mason University Logo at Mason Spring Invitational.

We have stayed true to our original constitution, creed and purpose. The members have embraced the opportunity to restore old traditions, expand and create new traditions.

The couple had a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old at the time but decided to take on the challenge. I love watching the girls at the beginning of their tenure and how they grow and mature as a leader as the year progresses. Sponsors for ACU social clubs as of April That creates a dynamic of club life ACU students come to love.

Our sponsors love our students by supporting them, fighting for them, and, when they need redirecting, they will do that in a way similar to a parent. Sponsors love students and care about them as if they are their own kids. So they paddled past half-underwater houses and SUVs, and looked for signs of life. The foot-long Evergreen Prospector canoe had been a Christmas gift. Now, it was a lifeboat. One by one, residents trapped in their homes opened windows to call back: We want to leave!

Young, old, families, people living alone. They rescued her as well. We were just doing what needed to be done. Some helped rescue people. Others prayed, or donated money, or helped connect those in need with churches who were providing aid. Some lost most of their belongings.


In the midst of disaster, the people of God rose up and loved the stranger. Harvey was headed directly for them. A majority of Houstonians decided to wait out the storm. As footage of heavy rains and rising waters blanketed the news, folks around the U.

Greater Houston — which includes Houston, The Woodlands and Sugar Land — is about 10, square miles and the fifth-largest metropolitan area in the nation with a population of about 6.

It took a little while for that to sink in, to how widespread the destruction was. What hardware do you use to learn? Of note is that students at the mid-Atlantic university were more likely to discuss the affordances characteristics of the different devices they used as well as when and where they would use one device over another.

A response that demonstrates this observation is included below: I like to use a desktop computer at home and at work I enjoy looking at a big screen and working with several documents and applications open at the same time. Figure 2 displays data about the different types of hardware students used to learn at their respective schools. What software do you use to learn?

In both contexts, search engines and videos were important to students in the learning process. Figure 3 displays data about the different types of software students used to learn at their respective schools. What digital tools do you wish you had access to for learning?

george mason university track and field meet sheets

Students at the small liberal arts college wished they had access to the following digital tools for learning: It is interesting to note that students from the Mid-Atlantic university tended to be more inclined to request a wide spectrum of other tools ranging from specific content or services to collaboration tools. Organizational tools topped the list of desired tools for both groups. Figure 4 displays data about the types of digital tools students wished they had access to for learning.

As one student explained, Personally, my learning environment is typically a warm place that consists of soft blankets and solitude for me to play music if I choose.

I also think the […] Center is a great resource for students and serves as a PLE for me as well. The floor is soft and it is a quiet space with rooms that are set aside so that I can play my music. Participant responses involved descriptions of what technologies and technological devices they used to perform particular tasks as well as the environments they were interested in cultivating in order to foster a productive learning environment.

Students also reported that they learned best in a medium sized group with plenty of opportunities for discussion, interaction and collaboration with peers and professors. Students reported the need to be able to multitask, manage assignments and organize resources in a PLE. As one student expressed, I wish I had a tool where all my news articles could be all on site.

I use Facebook for the articles that I follow, but it would be nice to not always have Facebook up there. Additional research should investigate which tools are the most effective for supporting students in organizational and resource management tasks in their development of PLEs. Students were not only looking for ways to organize information, but also interested in gaining tangible experiences and participating in learning activities that supported the learning process.

Student responses placed a strong emphasis on hands on learning, interactive learning, engaged learning, and visual learning.

Access to effective technology was yet another prominent theme characterized by the small liberal arts college student responses. I would have space to think and breathe without being bombarded by messages. I would want the engine to grant me access to every publication and documentation ever accurate and inaccurate, fiction and non-fiction.

I would want to be able to view any possible perspective on one topic at one time.

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As apparent from these quotes, it was important for students to have access to tools that are optimized to meet their specific needs without creating any additional obstacles or distractions that could impede their learning process and progress. Having effective technology was not the only expressed desire, however.

Students also wanted to feel effective using the technologies. Since Mid-Atlantic university students tended to view their PLEs from a digital lens, they were much more focused on the importance of technologies supporting learning on the go, being accessible on a variety of devices, enabling personalization and providing integration across multiple services and platforms. The following quotes support the digital nature of PLEs: My ideal PLE would be a creative organized space consisting of a variety of digital tools and resources.

My space would also allow for collaboration and reflection through the use of digital tools. My PLE would be a tabula rasa. It would be a platform with a white screen and then additional tools, widgets, docs, social network feeds that I could add based on my preference.

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I would also like to design it how I like it, with colors, fonts, location that I prefer. It would also include a way to organize the learning process, prioritize tasks and be hyperlinked to everything.

Like the student responses from the small liberal arts college, Mid-Atlantic university students indicated that an ideal PLE would include opportunities for discussion, collaboration, and interaction.

Since a majority of those students viewed PLEs through a digital lens, responses tended to focus on collaboration through the use of digital features such as chat boxes, discussion boards, and tweets. From an organizational, planning, and resource management perspective, the mid-Atlantic university students were interested in developing informational dashboards, aggregating and curating content of interest, and locating technology that is accessible to a variety of devices.

As the following students described, My ideal PLE would be a place to save and organize documents, webpages, photos, online tools etc. This would be accessible with one click from any of my main devices phone, laptop, desktop and tablet.

My ideal PLE would be digital and have supports available to help guide my learning and help organize the knowledge I acquire. I enjoy learning and organizing my learning through iCloud, that way I can use my laptop, smartphone, or tablet and the same information is available to me.

This is also the reason I choose to use Google Drive. Also, my Pages and Keynote documents from my Mac computer can be accessed through iCloud on all three devices as well.

I am picturing a dashboard type of interface, with important things to do highlighted, links to my Google area for each course, links to databases and search engines, and embedded chats and meetings with my project teams. We hypothesize that the theme of experiential learning may not have been as explicitly represented in the responses of the mid-Atlantic university students since the institutional pedagogy emphasizes project and problem based learning.

Thus, we hypothesize that since experiential learning is foundational to the learning activities at the mid-Atlantic university, the concept of hands-on learning was not as explicitly represented in these student responses. With respect to effective technology, Mid-Atlantic university students tended to focus on the need for their PLEs to have an effective user experience that was well designed, seamless and without compatibility issues.

My mind is never just thinking about one thing and I need a workstation that can keep up with me. I want to be able to check multiple sites at once, prepare a document and design visuals simultaneously, and still be able to check facts quickly on my handheld devices. My ideal PLE is definitely something that leans heavily on technology. I like the idea of short and sweet content, which is accessible on the go. I also want something clean and easy to use, since an un-intuitive UI tends to get in the way of the learning.

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But no matter what, I want something that makes learning fun that I can do at my own pace! Students reported that their ideal PLEs would include opportunities for discussion, collaboration and interaction, tools for organizing, planning, and resource management, experiential learning strategies, and the use of effective technology to support a personalized learning experience. The use of search engines, videos, and social networks, were reported as highest on the list of digital tools for learning, and organizational tools and progress tracking tools were reported as highest on the list of desired digital tools for learning.

These findings suggest that PLEs are not a stable nor monolithic learning technology that can be standardized or used in a controlled environment, rather, PLEs cross institutional and organizational boundaries and evolve over time and place Dabbagh et al.

Moreover, PLE tools must be dynamic to allow learners to continue to have access to learning materials across courses and institutions. The move was short, only about 10 km, and a little further downstream, closer to the Ross Ice Shelf. Witalis Peak and camp Rock Team was very successful at Witalis Peak, and were able to collect 30 erratics and 6 bedrock samples. Algae Team was excited as we began to find ancient algae we were confident in at Robinson Bluff it was primarily surficial, which made us concerned as to its origin.

george mason university track and field meet sheets

The search still had its difficulties but we were able to collect 25 samples. Glacial deposits such as moraines and terraces were quite scarce at Witalis Peak, but drift sheets, numerous erratics, and abundant striations and polish allowed us to map the glacial history in a different way than at Robinson Bluff.

Glacial polish and striations Blooming quartz crystals Periglacial activity was very prominent at this location as well, we saw many examples of polygon sorting, solifluction lobes, nivation hollows, past ice-cored moraines, and even what appeared to be the beginning stages of stone stripes forming.

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Weather did take a turn on us at Witalis and we get hit with a few bouts of precipitation, including a rain event that began in the evening and lasted partway through the night, when it transitioned to a heavy snow. Final camp pack-up We returned to Shackleton Camp on January 10 and spent one night there with the great staff, before returning via Twin Otter a great ride!

Views on the way to Shackleton Camp Mt. The central Nunatak is Witalis Peak, just behind this and across a smaller side glacier is Robinson Bluff. We departed for Shackleton Camp on December 14th and Dr. Brenda Hall and mountaineer Karen Hilton were able to proceed via Twin Otter flight to our first field site that same evening.

Twin Otter leaves us at Robinson Bluff on Dec. Back at camp between 5: We located 5 or 6?