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fairly legal kate and ben meet

When Fairly Legal returns for Season 2 on Friday (9/8c on USA), it will Kate's fellow lawyers Lauren, Justin and Ben will be the focal point on. The summaries and recaps of all the Fairly Legal episodes were .. Fellingham ( Andrew), David Orth (Ben Collins), Paul Schulze (Steve . Kate has the two lawyers meet her at the baseball field and tells that there is not a. Fairly Legal is a television series which aired on USA Network from January 20, , to June Fairly Legal stars Sarah Shahi as Kate Reed, a young woman who changes her profession Ryan Johnson as Ben Grogan (season 2): Kate's partner and nemesis at Reed .. "Scoop: Meet Fairly Legal's New Legal Eagle".

What was going on? The impossible has become behave towards her daughter. She then became abusive when I meddled a bit and Ben had to also say something. I can defend myself but myself.

Leo was referring to Justin. With me and Justin is complete statements. We have different views of lifeI realized that's long since gone out to him the love. I need a fresh start. How are you getting on now Ben? We are not just good colleagues more.

Between you there is much more. You 've been standing since early him. And so different since ye not. No at the moment everything is easy.

Lauren is now eh not there, so you can take it easy today.

fairly legal kate and ben meet

In the moment Ben came clean. I'm sorry for the earlier. I know you just wanted to defend myself In the moment a man came in so early 30 's.

The man came closer. You how should I say struggling with unfair means to gain full custody. I fight for my daughterand in an honest way. My ex wife does nothoweverI think even they well abused our daughter. Namely, it can also be punishable as what to say when it's not true Mr Do not get me wrong. But would not the first course for childcare or family court?

But I 've heard of their successes. I'm Ben Grogan of the best here in San Francisco. If you want I represent it in the case. I need a good lawyer. For my previous lawyer has gone to bed with my ex wifeand represents them even now.

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Well as I said, I and my partner Ben Grogan stand by them and support them. Ben and Kate went to the appointment when it came to custody of the child. Kate saw through the glass pane which woman it was. She pulled Ben back. It was hot to the point. The woman assumed that Mr. Kenny then she cheated several times had etc.

Even Kate was loud and put in with the young mother. Sarahthe little girl was so long in a woman of child welfarewhere you lovingly cared for them. After 3 hours, it was over. We must be wise to go aheadone step further than the others. I will have no chance against my ex wife she fights with unfair means Mrs. And when she fights with unfair meansthen we fight just with unfair means to gain access to evidence. I am very good in what I doMr. We 'll see you later. With Justin at the office, they did not knock before but just went inside.

Justin was on the phone. When he saw Kate he sighed. Kate did not go into it. Do you know a Mr. Brownhe is the lawyer of the term of Mrs. Kennyit's about a custody battle. Had been sick a lot lately. And I think he also knows the modest Mrs. Kenny her daughter treated well. You are visiting a colleague of complicity. You need evidence for this. You can not just a rumor in the world believe Kate. But then I need your help Justin. Please meet you Mr. Perhaps he will tell you somethingput it under pressure.

I would not want to be drawn intoin your plans. Ben is the lawyer of Mr. How would it look if he would meet with Mr. But I will not do for you, but for the child. And now I have a deadlineso you can proceed. No, there's nothing between me and Ben. That you 're much more than just ne colleague for him. I would prefer to know from you than from the otheror even the presswhat 's going on between you?

No because nothing works. Do you think I'm sleeping with himor what do you mean? But you do not get your hopes. The us is over Our divorce is officially through. We should be only colleagues first. And thank you for your gift with the white angel wings. When she walked into her office sat Ben in her chair.

He will meet with Mr. Brownmaybe he puts it even under pressure. After all, he is the prosecutor. Kenny said he still should all important documents together looking for the next appointment.

One has little to Mr. I hope Justin can be intimidating Attorney Brown. Ben looked at her. For me and for Justin.

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But if you have nothing to doI need to correct some files. It was late in the evening.

fairly legal kate and ben meet

In order to tell exactly 19 clock. Kate slept on her sofa. She noticed how someone stroked her hair. Hey Kate wake up. Slowly beat Kate in her eyes and jumped back slightly and how close it was Ben. The story lines were obvious and there were few surprises. I really like the cast, and only want the best for them as actors. Your review was not sour grapes — it was the truth.

fairly legal kate and ben meet

Lola June 17, at They built the season on a thin love triangle and flying anvils everywhere. I also thought that there was a great framework from season 1, which needed to be built on. There were a lot of flaws to be sure, but apparently they decided to hide the flaws by bringing in a flashy new character rather than fixing them.

If there is a season 3, my wish list would be more Justin and Leo. And yes, allow Kate to have some time without being in a relationship.

Fairly Legal takes the easy way to the end

Also, those last 10 seconds — turned out to be kind of creepy. June 18, at 2: It usually takes awhile for me to warm to a new character on an established show. Yet Ben instantly seemed interesting to me. I love to see Kate and Ben relationship. Ben come out with a good points. I hope Ben and Kate will fall for each other. Susan June 18, at 9: I enjoy the characters and their interactions with each other. There are plenty of thought provoking shows out there. And those are fun, too.

Fairly Legal is a nice break from that. As a side note, I am really beginning to like Lauren a great deal.

Trena June 19, at 6: After such a great first season where the concept was new and a breath of fresh air, it was disappointing to watch the second season unfold into a tired and predictable story line. It is interesting to me the amount of people that like the Kate-Ben coupling vs. Kate-Justin but many Kate-Ben fans seem to either be young or have not watched the first season. The Kate from first season would have never seen Ben as a love interest, more as a fun friend to hang with.

Also I feel like they had her acting a little more immature rather than a grown woman in her 30s. Ben is nice but he still essentially comes off as a little boy with a crush. He is hilarious but seriously under utilized. I would love for there to be a storyline incorporating him or around him. Rich June 23, at Great and funny character. Maybe the most grounded on the show.