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But the old man was buried well with a nice headstone, so at least he wasn't alone in his last days. They kept up meeting in this way for quite a while, even after Zoro's Then Laboon died, and Brook fell victim to a bout of depression Seeing his remaining nakama again helped Brook, and he was. "When I first met that brat, I thought they were all going to die before they reached the first island," "Do you remember the promise we made you 50 years ago? . Laboon groaned in happiness as the Captain turned to Brook again. . If they demolished Luffy's grave, there was going to be hell to pay. Brook's voice caught in his throat, even though he didn't have one. . We know that you can go all the way and meet with Laboon again. .. She was standing next to the grave, having just set a bouquet of flowers upon it.

Happy to see living people after being alone for so long and overjoyed at the welcome the Straw Hats had given him, he decided to perform for them. Suddenly, just as Brook was about to perform before the Straw Hats, a ghost appeared out of the wall. Brook, followed by the Straw Hats, then rushed out of the kitchen and found out that the Thousand Sunny was drifting apparently beside an island from West Blue, Thriller Bark.

Upon seeing this, Brook said his farewell and jumped off board the ship and ran across the water to the island. Upon arrival back on the island, Brook went around once again purifying the various creatures before finding Ryuma and battling him again.

Unfortunately, he was beaten and was sent flying out of the tower which they were battling in. As he fell, he was seen by Franky and Robin falling from the sky and onto the rubble that was once a bridge connecting Hogback's mansion to the main mast of Thriller bark. With the foe purified, Brook explained to Franky and Robin how shadows are taken.

Upon asked about this, Brook explained to Franky and Robin about his past with Laboon. He explained to them his wish to return to his whale friend. After explaining things to Franky and Robin, Brook rushed off and found Ryuma sitting down in Hogback's lab and drinking tea. Challenging the zombie once again, the two got into a fierce battle. Despite fighting Ryuma vigorously, Brook once again lost to the zombie. With his bones severely broken, Brook was laid defeated before Ryuma.

Unable to defend himself against Ryuma, Brook's assailant decided to cut off Brook's afro. Just as Ryuma was about to cut it off, the entire island suddenly moved, throwing Ryuma off balance and preventing him from doing the deed. That death isn't an apology!!! Because a man once said!!! That they absolutely would come back!!! At the same time, Franky and Zoro arrived in Hogback's lab to help the skeleton.

With a block against one of Ryuma's strikes targeted at Brook and Franky, Zoro told Brook, as the skeleton laid wounded in Franky's arms, that he would fight against Ryuma instead and get Brook's shadow back.

With Ryuma's corpse incinerated, Brook got his shadow back. The Threat of the Shichibukai Edit As Brook, along with Zoro and Franky, took a moment on the roof to recover from the excitement, Luffy's zombie, Oars came rampaging out of the main mast and calling out for the Straw Hats. The behemoth's appearance frightened Brook completely. Brook then witnessed as a gigantic battle, between the Straw Hats nearby and Oars, took place in the inner courtyard between the main mast and the mansion.

The battle unfortunately did not go all too well for the Straw Hats and Brook was unfortunately included in the fray. He is, however, told to step aside and rest as they take on the behemoth themselves.

Brook, however, figuring that they would need a lot of salt to purify Oars, went to Thriller Bark's kitchen and gathered a large amount of the stuff.

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While there, he drank some milk in order to heal some of his wounds. He then returned just in the nick of time to save Usopp from Oars, who was now aided by Gekko Moriah, while carrying a large sack of salt. But she already knew, even before her mother said the word. It was a place that she had yearned to see again for a long time.

She had grown taller and her body had developed a lot more just like hers had. But what got her was the apron that she was wearing… which bore her tattoo mark upon it. She was standing next to the grave, having just set a bouquet of flowers upon it, where the little pinwheel that had always been in Genzo's hat was continuing to spin.

Speaking of Genzo, he was there as well, staring in shock at a newspaper, and looking close to crying. But I also think that she needs to keep an eye on Genzo, he's been spending too much time reading the papers… he needs to talk a walk or something, he's starting to twitch.

I've been trying to get in contact with Marine Headquarters for hours already but no one will pick up a reply! Nami was just wondering what could he possibly have to complain about to Navy HQ when he flew the paper onto the ground in front of him as he started yelling out, "This picture of Nami!

She's going to have more suitors flocking to her than ever! It was just so much like something that he would be worrying about that she was blown away. More than anything, I'm glad to hear that she's alright. I was starting to get worried after hearing about the war.


That's the proof right there. I'm where I need to be. You wanna take that smile away from her? That's not what I said! You're bad and you know it, and you don't care about what anyone has to say about you. But I have to say, I'm glad that he was there looking after you both even after…? She worked for her mother's murderer for eight long years.

How was she supposed to try and explain that? And people have done worse for less noble reasons. I couldn't be more proud of you. Working for those awful monsters all those years must've been worse than having a knife in the heart. But you are my daughters and I know that you will never let me down. And I don't want to see anymore tears. Dreaming of those happy days that it was just the three of them back at Cocoyashi. Is it really you? Robin could count on one hand just how many times she was stricken dumb with shock, but this definitely counted as one of them.

What is this place? How is any of this even possible? Over the centuries, the feelings of those desperate people soon overtook everything in the form of a monster, which became a blockade between the two paths.

It was food to it, but with no people here to feed it…? Ace was able to fight his way through by sheer brute force and your captain's desire to see him was so great that it overwhelmed the weakened monster.

Now that the creature is gone, we're allowed a brief moment with you. It's better than it's ever been. Vivi's making sure of it. And I know that if you were to ever meet her face-to-face then I know that she would forgive you as well. After the night that they had, she was beginning to think that nothing could ever surprise her again.

This was Alabasta alright, but it was a ruined mess the last time that Robin had seen it. But as she looked down, peering through Saul's fingers at the reconstructed town.

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It was larger and grander than she had ever seen it, and full of life. There was so much greenery that laughing people that it was almost unbelievable that it was a desert kingdom that had once been on the verge of destruction. In just a few more years, it'll be like the rebellion never happened. Robin didn't need to ask where they were going, for she could see it from here.

It was the royal palace of Alabasta. He brought his hands right up to the window so that they could all look right inside to see that Cobra was sitting in bed, flipping through a paper as Igaram, who had grown a mustache, stood there talking to him.

The window was wide open so that some hot, dried air drifted in. He's got a very good caretaker…" Robin was about to ask what she was talking about when a door opened up and stepped inside was none other than Princess Vivi. She looked different than the last time she had seen her as well… though at that point in time Vivi was a broken-down girl who was close to losing complete hope of ever saving her kingdom.

She had grown a little taller, her hair had grown out, and she was dress in simple, but rich clothes as she walked into the room carrying a bag of food with her. If she had gone with them, there was no way that she was going to allow me to stay onboard.

She truly believes that Luffy will become King of the Pirates one day, and she trusts his judgement. I don't believe that she holds a grudge against you anymore, Robin. It's Crocodile whom she hates. But she and her kingdom are safe… that's all that matters. Please… stop beating yourself up over what happened. It's a lot more bearable than it had used to be. But… I realize now, that my pain… has become theirs… just as their pain, is now mine.

Does that make sense? She gazed up at Saul and added, "And you were right Saul. I owe you my life. Your words were the only thing that kept me going all these years. You are a hero to me, little lady. Not just anyone could've gone through what you went through and come out like how you are now.

And I'm so glad that you made such wonderful friends who helped you to see the truth when you couldn't see it yourself.

Forgive me for all that I put you through? I have no right to call myself that anymore. But still… I'm so proud of you. I only said that I wasn't that day because I wanted to prevent the world knowing that you were the daughter of a criminal.

I knew what would happen otherwise. But I really do love you… I never stopped. Though she never admitted it, there were plenty of times that she felt a strong surge of anger, even hate, against her mother. For leaving her alone and at the mercy of her indifferent aunt… and then for dying and forcing her to run for years because she was her daughter… guilty of nothing but being alive.

But she never stopped missing and loving her.

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And no matter what the circumstances are, you cannot return. For a long time I disagreed with what the World Government wanted us to do, and I just couldn't stand by and let myself be a follower without a good reason. As far as I could see, Oliva wasn't guilty of anything but studying history. Whatever happened during this 'Void' century, the government is willing to do just about anything to keep that dead history dead.

They fear the change what the truth of that history could reveal to the rest of the world. And so they will shut up anyone who threatens that. If she was right, then she knew that this information would change everything.

But she was willing to do it. And even if the world saw her as a monster, so long as she had her crew with her, she was sure that she could handle it. Eyes filled with tears she turned to Saul again. You will always have a special place in my heart. She looked back to her mother's loving face. I always have… and I always will. There was no one around, nothing but stone monuments to the departed… at least until the sounds of footsteps reached their ears.

All of them having heard that you used to train at the dojo and want to become like you. Not sure why they would. If they knew how weak you were, they wouldn't be saying that. She looks just like you," Zoro stated.

I would've thought that a weakling like you beating her back at Loguetown would've been enough of a hint to her. Just like you… I'll say that much for you, you're no quitter. It makes we want to know the story of how it became so. So long as that hold true and that Zoro continues to honor the way of the sword, I wish nothing but the best for him.

He and Kuina remained quiet for a while, just watching as Sensei continued to inform Kuina's spirit about some of the news he had heard about Zoro. Zoro grinned proudly when he mentioned Alabasta and Enies Lobby. The Zoro I first met never would've charged into Enies Lobby for someone else like that. Much less survive it. Just curious as to what she thought. Even training it was by myself. Sure, I had Saga and even Johnny and Yosaku there at points… but they always left in the end.


I didn't even know that Saga was still alive after… what happened. It must've been more painful than any knife wound to use the use of an arm like that. Saga was sitting there with Maya, both of them looking at peace and enjoying a bright sunrise.

It was good to see him there again, and he noticed that the small knife that he had given him years ago was still at Saga's side. He's gotten a lot stronger since then and is able to protect the island from intruders. And he also even married Maya. I'm happy for him. They make trips to leave the village from time to time to continue working as Bounty Hunters, but most of the time they're making honest livings of themselves there. Isn't that good enough? Zoro only realized that it had always been him looking up at her, and it was strange to be the taller one now.

The New World is up a completely different level. It's been one crazy day after another," Zoro confirmed. Some promise you would've been keeping to me. It was all that I could do to save the crew. I couldn't… I wouldn't have been able to forgive myself if I didn't do something to stop it.

I understand that I only made it out of that mess alive because of Kuma's mercy. But I promise you that I won't let it happen again. It was the second time that he had ever seen her do that… the only other time he had seen that true smile was the night that they made their promise.

And he couldn't help but smile along with her as he turned to look at her fully. So you take care of them. Before Arlong came and they were all happy… she could still smell her mother's cigarette which put her at ease… "Nami…? She finally forced her eyes open and she was staring up at the bright blue sky with Sanji and Chopper leaning over her anxiously.

Gasping, Nami forced herself to sit up and stared around, trying to find her mother, but she knew where she was. It was a bright morning, the sun just over the horizon and the sky was full of white clouds as the breeze gently licked her face upon the deck of the Thousand Sunny.

Me, Moss-Head and Franky all carried you guys back here. Robin was leaning up against the railing, giving her head a little shake, her hand up to her eyes as if fighting off a bad headache as she came too. Brook was moaning like he was dying on the deck, trying to wake up and Usopp was curled up on the ground with a sad and confused look on his face.

That was when Nami realized who else was missing. We decided to just do something to make you guys safe. Moss Head and Franky went back to the temple to try and find him once we brought everyone back. As soon as his feet touched down onto the floor, Franky appeared, with Luffy slumped over one of his massive shoulders. Luffy was limp as a noddle as Franky gently brought him over and gently placed him down on the soft grassy deck in front of him.

After making sure he was still breathing, Franky carried him back. The rest of the crew watched anxiously as Chopper looked over him, gently pulling open his eyelids to get a good look at his eyes before leaning his head against his chest to listen to his heart. You mean you guys filled it in?!