Charmed paige and henry first meet

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charmed paige and henry first meet

According to the Charmed wikia, Henry's first appearance is Battle of the Hexes ( Season 8 Episode 8). I actually thought he had been introduced earlier, but it. Paige got married to Henry, the parol officer, and had twin girls and a son. Answered she first appeared in charmed again part 1 season 4 episode 1. Paige Matthews is a fictional character from the American television series Charmed, played by . During this season Paige meets Sam Wilder (her birth- father)and slowly . It is also revealed that Paige and Henry's marriage will produce three Paige's first appearance in Charmed literature takes place within the novel.

charmed paige and henry first meet

When the Triad attacks, Paige calls off the engagement party and a reluctant Henry agrees. However, he becomes very worried when Paige explains she may not return. When she survives, she decides to turn the engagement into a wedding. Henry is also ready and they get married at the manor, thanks to Piper and a little magic.

Paige conjures a wedding dress and they marry. Paige goes on her honeymoon with Henry. Her sisters' gift is a honeymoon free from demons. Henry and Paige have a great time, but Paige does return home for a short time revealing she misses them a little. A few weeks later, Paige begins to feel repressed by Henry.

She turns to Coop for help, who puts her inside Henry's head. Shocked that she is having problems, he questions her. Henry tells her that she shouldn't feel repressed and Paige realizes he is right. When Billie turns against the Charmed Ones. Henry uses Paige's powers to call for the potion.

Though successful, Billie immediately snatches it back. However, he cannot access the Power of Three and therefore, Coop expels Paige from his mind as the problem was fixed anyway. Paige is annoyed that magic is continuously taking her away from Henry and her life. When Paige doesn't return home, Henry is worried about her.

Paige Matthews and Henry Mitchell

He searches for her at Phoebe's condo and finds her, but Paige explains that she is fine. After everything is fixed, Paige happily settles into her new life with Henry. Paige and Henry have two beautiful twin girls. They name them Sabrina and Kathrine. They are born around the same year as Melinda and Prue Halliwell.

During a demon hunt where a pregnant young girl was killed, Paige managed to save the baby by orbing him out. Henry is initially hesitant about bringing a child into their home due to all the constant dangers but they eventually agree after encouragement from Victor. They then adopt the baby, naming him Henry Jr. Paige discusses with Grams when she and Henry's twins Sabrina and Kat would come into their powers, but Grams says that these things don't go on schedule.

When they eventually do, Sabrina accidentally set the house on fire with Molecular Acceleration, while Kat received Molecular Immobilization.

Believing that magic is too dangerous, they agree to bind their powers until they are old enough to learn to control them. Things are seemingly going smoothly until demons become an issue again. Faced with the very real possibility of giving up his career to be a stay-at-home father, Henry vents to Victor about the struggles of being mortal while his wife is fighting demons instead of raising their children. Once Paige learns what happened, she is outrageous at Henry and they have an argument that takes a toll on their marriage.

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In the months to come, the dangerous magical situations further drive a wedge on their marriage. Henry is later offered a job in Los Angeles and wants to relocate his family there, but Paige wants to stay with her sisters, causing them to fight again. Why were you scared?

charmed paige and henry first meet

I mean Piper and Phoebe would tell me such amazing stories about her and it made me feel so inadaquate. So I never wanted to confirm that what I was feeling was the truth therefore, I never wanted to meet her.

charmed paige and henry first meet

Until now of course. Because all those feelings are way behind me. You're amazing Paige, a wonderful woman in your own right. Leo already gave me this lecture once before. Which is why I stopped comparing myself to her but I was still scared about meeting her.

And I want you there with me.

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Isn't that a little rude? Too many to count. I think that they owe us this. But can we at least drive? And my powers are off only because of the pregnancy and I think I've finally got the hang of them again. Now come on, time's a wasting. They landed in the attic where they found a very pregnant Piper reading on their aunt Pearl's couch. The sound of orbing alerted Piper that she was no longer alone in the attic.

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She was about to yell at her sons for orbing without it being an emergency - her rule when it came to orbing, one which they rarely ever followed - and instead stopped when the bodies of her youngest sister and her husband appeared. I just need to prove a point to Henry. Don't get all stressed out because of us. We wouldn't want you to go into early labor, now would we?

What were you trying to prove? Before any one could reply, a loud crash happened downstairs followed by the cries of Chris for Piper. Piper sighed and stood up. You can do whatever it is that you need to do but don't leave a mess. I just cleaned up here. Leo already yelled at me for it. In the show's finale, the future adult Wyatt exclaims "Uncle Coop!

While Chris immediately hits Wyatt to hush him up since he has revealed the unknown future, Phoebe seems freaked out at this idea, since she knows about the forbidden nature of this romance. After he tries to talk to her and reassure her to no avail, he finds himself attacked by Billie 's manipulative demon friend Dumain for his ring's time travel ability. Also in the finale, Piper uses his ring to travel through time to save Phoebe and Paige.

When Phoebe's calls for him fail, Wyatt and Chris reveal that their love is given a blessing and was the main underlying reason he was actually sent down by the Elders to make up for all the events they put her through as a Charmed One.

In the exact words of Wyatt, "It wasn't, and it will not be, a forbidden love. The Charmed Ones are able to use Billie's Projection power to travel back in time, and after they vanquish the Triad and Piper vanquishes Dumain, Paige retrieves his ring from Christy and Piper gives it back to him upon their return to the present.

Paige & Henry 1/2

The same episode, which depicts the futures of the Charmed Ones, shows their wedding and the three daughters they eventually have. It is a "C," which at that time was meant to imply Cole. This prediction does come to pass though, as Coop is revealed to be her true love. The Cupid in that episode also told Phoebe that her heart was closed to the men in her life, and that she was falling for him because she loved the idea of love.

Literature[ edit ] InCharmed gained an officially licensed continuation in the form of a comic bookwhich is often billed as Charmed: The series is published monthly by Zenescope Entertainment.

charmed paige and henry first meet