Bambi and faline meet joe

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bambi and faline meet joe

At the groundhog ceremony, Bambi meets up with Faline. The Groundhog [1] Fellow students included Joe Ranft, Mark Dindal and John Lasseter.[1] Career. But thankfully Disney wrote in a few friends for Bambi to help him along the way. Faline is kind of the typical love interest that comes around when Bambi is. Faline is the daughter of Ena, both Bambi and Ronno's love interest, but she see the groundhog to see if spring is on the way, where she meets Bambi again.

Sometime later, Thumper shares his version of the chase with the rest of his friends, and Bambi, whose antlers have just grown in, enjoys the tall tale with Faline. Ronno appears and vows vengeance on both of them, until he is bitten on the nose and runs off. Bambi meets up with the Great Prince, who shows him the field where he first met his mother. Cast Alexander Gould as Bambi, the young prince of the forest.

Bambi's Mother

His mother dies, and he has to be with his father. Andrew Collins served as the supervising animator for Bambi. Patrick Stewart as the Great Prince of the Forest. He is Bambi's father, and due to the death of Bambi's mother, The Great Prince is forced to be the fawn's guardian.

Pieter Lommerse served as the supervising animator for the Great Prince. Brendon Baerg as Thumper. He and Flower are Bambi's friends who help him be brave to impress his father.

bambi and faline meet joe

Ian Harrowell served as the supervising animator for Thumper. Nicky Jones as Flower. He and Thumper are Bambi's friends who help him be brave to impress his father. Ian Harrowell served as the supervising animator for Flower. Andrea Bowen as Faline.

bambi and faline meet joe

She is Bambi's romantic interest and is part of a love triangle between Bambi and his future rival, Ronno. Anthony Ghannam as Ronno, Bambi's rival. He is the deer that Bambi fights in the original film. Bernard Derriman and Mark Henn served as the supervising animators for Ronno. Cree Summer as Mena. She is to be Bambi's adoptive mother, and is a childhood friend of Bambi's mother.

They annoy Thumper, who tries to hide from them. Brian Pimental as The Groundhog and Porcupine. The Groundhog, timid, comes out of his hole to determine if winter will end.

bambi and faline meet joe

The Porcupine is grumpy and overprotective of his log. Carolyn Hennesy as Bambi's mother.

The Five Most Important Bambi Characters Other than Bambi

She was shot by a hunter, and because of her death Bambi must be looked after by his father. Reception The film sold 2. Faline appears years later as a young adult and like previously has Bambi running away, but he gets his antlers caught in branches and then gets a lick on the cheek from Faline.

Bambi becomes "twitterpated" and follows Faline, but runs into an older buck named Ronno who tries to get Faline to leave with him, causing a fight to start between him and Bambi in which Bambi wins and they begin their relationship and fall asleep together in a spot in the woods. Later, Bambi leaves while Faline is still sleeping to see that Man has returned.

bambi and faline meet joe

Faline wakes up and finds Bambi gone and goes to look for him, only to run into Man's dogs who chase her onto the top of a rock. Luckily, Bambi arrives and fights off the dogs, giving Faline time to escape and along the other animals flee the forest after a fire starts due to Man's campfire.

bambi and faline meet joe

Bambi, along with the Great Prince, emerges from the fire alive and well and reunites with Faline. At the end of the film, Faline becomes mother to her and Bambi's twin fawns Geno and Gurri. Bambi II Set in between the events of Bambi's mother's death and Bambi's young adulthood, Faline first appears when she goes to see the groundhog to see if spring is on the way, where she meets Bambi again. After the groundhog doesn't see his shadow, meaning spring is on the way, he runs back into his burrow after being frightened by an older fawn named Ronno the same buck who years later would battle Bambi over Faline much to the dismay of Faline, Bambi, Thumper and Flower.

Faline later appears with Ronno who tries to impress her with a tall tale when she hears Bambi yelping and goes to him with Ronno not far behind. She later appears with Thumper and Flower when Bambi bids farewell to them when he prepares to leave with his adoptive mother Mena. Faline is last seen months later listing to Thumper's tall tale of Bambi fighting Man's dogs, before a now teenaged Bambi arrives.