Ash and red meet fanfic

Ash meets Red Chapter 1: Getting Home, a pokémon fanfic | FanFiction

ash and red meet fanfic

When they saw Ash and Misty, their expressions seemed to go from Red looked like he was ready to return Pika, but then Blue scooped it up. "Well I knew you would be hear because Red sent me a letter to New Bark Town requesting me to meet his soon here in Silver Town." "But how. Ash is replaced by Pokemon Champion Red in his adventures to become Red/ Ash X Misty X Harem . By the way nice to meet you I'm Red.

He tossed the charcoal into the air for Charizard and he ate it with a sort of glee and his tail flame grew a lot bigger, and hotter. When Ash finally put the pouch of soft sand into a little gap in Donphan's hide he saw her stance grow slightly wider and stronger.

Red didn't know about any of these things till recently," said a voice from behind Ash. There was a tone of familiarity to it, smart and cocky, but where was this voice from?

ash and red meet fanfic

Ash cautiously turned around to see a wide-eyed tall man with a pool stick in his hand and Ambipom on his shoulder. And that I would be here?

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But how did you know that he was Pika? Pikachu had a baby?

For how, isn't it obvious that Pika had sex? At 16 you should really know this stuff Ash.

ash and red meet fanfic

She's here right now" "But its only the two of us and you said that Pikachu was you Pichu's father and I'm sure you wouldn't have another Pikachu with you.

He was the first of his species known by us humans. We named him after his parents. Pika and ChuChu" Gold said, noticing Pikachu's instant reaction. After a flash of light a small yellow mouse came out, it instantly noticed Ash's Pikachu and ran straight towards it. You said that Pichu's mother was here, but where. You may have noticed her presence along your trip.

That's a special talent of hers. Believe you me, its creepy when you don't know who it is, actually, its still creepy. The three friend stared to walk on Route 1 seeing the big trees hoping to catch at least one pokemon before they reach Viridian City, they known that they need to keep their eyes open if any of them want to catch a pokemon.

The trainers continued walk until they saw something brown land infront of them, it was a pidgey the wild bird pokemon of Kanto, they remembered that pidgeys are perfect for begining trainers and Ash volunteered to catch it to catch it, "Ready to catch our first friend, Pikachu?

The trainer and the pokemon rushed to the pidgey hoping to catch it by suprise, "Use Thundershock" said Ash, Pikachu got up close to pidgey and released a shock of electricity at the brown brid and it was super effective on pidgey, Ash quickly throw a pokeball at the bird and once it hit pidey was sent inside and started rocking to get out, the pokeball rocked once, twice, three times, four times, Ash ran up to the pokeball and picked it and Pikachu up, "We did it Pikachu, we caught our first pokemon together!

It flaps its wings at ground level to kick up blinding sand. With that event over the three continued to walk through Route 1 in hopes that more pokemon would show themselves, time pasted and in was about 15 minutes sicne Ash has captured Pidey, and he has already made that special bond with her with his blue energy, Leaf is Ash and Red's only friend at knows about their power because she is the only friend that they can trust and they've known each other since they were four.

While the trainer were waking they meet a girl with orangr hair fishing at a near by strem and asked for directions, she told them a short cut on Route 22 would get them to Viridan faster, so we the right directions the team was off once again, "Thanks for your help, I'm Ash by the way", "I'm Red", "and I'm Leaf", they introduced themselfs, "I'm Misty, and your welcome" said replied as the trainers were of again.

Finally after 20 minutes of walking the trainers reached Viridian City after taking Misty's short cut on Route 22 the trainers started to head down to the pokemon center.

ash and red meet fanfic

Professar Oak's grandsons and Ash and Red's fromer friends, now rivals. Ash take out his pokedex to scan the pokemon. It was so obvious, but that was who he was. For the most part people liked him. He had a good personality and a good sense of right and wrong.

ash and red meet fanfic

Most of the time. Even though he has a mouth and can't sit still he has an easy time making friends even though he does it in a very strange way. Ever since he was ten he has traveled with many different friends on a journey in the world of Pokemon.

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Due to his personality everyone seems to like him. But even some people didn't like him at first. Well not so much a person but a Pokemon. When Ash first met Pikachu they did not get along at all.

Pikachu would constantly zap him and Ash made Pikachu do things that he was not interested in at all. However when Ash showed Pikachu that he is a good person by protecting him from a large group of Spearow Pikachu warmed up to him just in time to save Ash from being destroyed by Spearow. Ever since then Pikachu and Ash had a relation like no other trainer and Pokemon had before. Pikachu is just one of his Pokemon. He has many others at Professor Oak's lab back at his hometown Pallet Town.

While he can only carry 6 with them at a time he has a close relation ship with all of them.