Arrow and flash meet

Elseworlds Part 2: 5 Big Questions After The Arrow Crossover Episode

arrow and flash meet

Mari defeats (and possibly unintentionally drowns) Eshu, at the cost of Kuasa's life. After the fire totem is destroyed, Vixen meets up with Flash, Green Arrow. 6 days ago We're only days away from the epic three-night crossover between The CW's Supergirl, Arrow and The Flash, and frankly, Sunday cannot come. Flash and Arrow crossover fanfiction archive with over stories. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Flash and Arrow universe. Team Arrow meets Nora West-Allen. Rated: T - English - Family/ Humor.

Both episodes "put Team Flash in new situations and it was thrilling to watch how they reacted". Agard felt that while Arrow had "some great and comedic character moments for Team Arrow" none of its stories were advanced so that the episodes "felt like pause buttons" in its action.

He said the "Flash vs.

arrow and flash meet

Arrow" episode was "fun" with its focus "on the sheer entertainment value in seeing these two heroes and their allies cross paths" As "a largely standalone episode" its scope was limited resulting "in yet another underdeveloped villain. Club awarded the episode an "A-", calling it "a satisfying showdown" that "actually stands on its own as a mostly self-contained hour of The Flash". Von Doviak complimented writers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, and director Glen Winter, for tackling the "clashing tones of the two shows" and the different personalities of their main characters, and "weaving He also highlighted the fight scene between the Flash and Arrow, saying "It's a well-choreographed battle, with each hero appearing to have the upper hand at various points and clever bits of one-upmanship.

He noted that the episode pointed out the many challenges Barry Allen "faces as a young up-and-coming crimefighter". He felt that Arrow's "knocks" made the point that "Barry's superpowers are an amazing gift He felt it delivered "on both the action front" with its impeccable, "epic" fight scene, and "on the character front". While the viewer can enjoy the interaction between the teams everything that happens in the episode pushes "this The Flash's stories forward".

The Flash (2x8) the flash in starling city and meets Arrow and his team

Arrow" was everything a fan could have wanted from a crossover event," noting it was "tight, well-paced, superbly written and, most importantly, fun She noted this episode demonstrated how comic book ideas "can translate to the small screen if done with this much care, joy and enthusiasm". Given the "hype" she admired, and was "surprised" by the fact that even "with a little added Oliver, Felicity and Diggle thrown in," the crossover was not the focus of the whole episode.

Noting that the crossover "wasted some of its potential by delivering two mostly standalone episodes," the Arrow episode was "more consistently entertaining and satisfying than the first". He enjoyed Captain Boomerang suggesting he could be the "most memorable villain to debut this season". Schedeen enjoyed the teams continuing to cross paths, the drama between Barry and Ollie, and "the balance between light and dark [the crossover] needed".

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Club gave the episode an "A-", saying it ". The Flash is "the brave one", who "inspires with his courage" though his "simplistic sense of right and wrong" can lead him to overlook "the darker side of what they do".

Caroline Drieswho wrote the episode that introduced Batwoman and who would serve as the executive producer of the Batwoman series, addressed the opportunity to write an openly lesbian superhero, saying, "Its awesome.

arrow and flash meet

It seems like it should have happened already but here we are. We're pumped, very blessed. When we pick up with Kate Kane, Batman has mysteriously disappeared and left Batwoman to take up the Caped Crusader mantle and fight crime in Gotham.

Coincidentally enough, Kate Kane's cousin Bruce Wayne has also left the city under mysterious circumstances, which has left Wayne Enterprises a crumbling mess.

Flash vs. Arrow

Dries has confirmed that the first season of the potential Batwoman series would be about Batwoman trying to step out of the shadow of her more famous cousin, much like how Kara had to step out of Superman's shadow during Supergirl's first season.

Kate Kane is launching her own business. Arrow's introduction to Batwoman dropped a few hints about what's to come in the series, should it be picked up, such as Kate's attempt to revamp Bruce's old office.

Sounds like the start of a superhero team to us!

arrow and flash meet

As we bid adieu to Batwoman, Supergirl stayed behind to have her own farewell, revealing she knew Kate Kane was under that bat mask.

In return, Batwoman confirmed she'd figured out Kara Danvers was Supergirl too. The camaraderie that developed between the two women is sure to provide ample crossover opportunities for the female version of "The World's Finest. Rather than taking on the fun-loving quirky tone of The Flash and Supergirl, Batwoman would lean more toward the dark and gritty tone of Arrow.

I think that [Oliver, Barry and Kara] being mugged instantaneously is a great way to personify the vibe were going for.