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Meet Stone Hoof, a young Native American who falls in with a crew of white settlers . ALABASTER: THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE BIRD #1 (OF 5) Caitlín R. . The solid glass rectangular box measures 5 x 5 x 8 cm and sits on a discreet Luffy's quest to save his friends seems doomed until he joins forces with a. The Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick trope as used in popular culture. When a mundane conversation goes bad. You're winding up a boring conversation, and throw in. SHAPER #5 (OF 5) Eric Heisserer (W), Ace Continuado (P), Adelso Corona (I), Wes HEART IN A BOX TP Kelly Thompson (W) and Meredith McClaren (A/ Cover) .. Can he save the spirit of the city or will he meet his end? THE DEN GN (W/A/CA) Alabaster The second volume in Alabaster's acclaimed.

Any instrument, any song, any time, because he can play absolutely anything. Drabble-ish things about Brook that you didn't realize you needed. Bedtime Stories One Piece - Rated: T - English - Chapters: Read and review, and no flames or hate please!

T - English - Drama - Chapters: If you're gonna break the fourth wall, at least rebuild it, damn it! That means crazy writer decides to send the characters to the real world.

A war against Sorachi-sensei is about to begin. Commence alors entre les deux hommes un jeu du chat et de la souris For Ace, he had been trapped too long on the Moby Dick. For the Whitebeards, 78 days had been way too short. When Ace is given the reprieve from his head and dilemma to fight or stay, he is thrown into a worse hell than he thought possible. At least, here, he isn't alone. Warnings for potential torture and angst. A well respected zoologist.

It sent them into an ocean a whole world away. Now, armed with future knowledge and a few new friends, they set out on a quest to reunite their family, and maybe take down a few dragons along the way. T - English - Humor - Chapters: Law, Ace, Straw Hats P. Who knows whats in store for them? Will their budding relationship handle the pressure or will it falter?


T - English - Adventure - Chapters: Luffy is not given to garp but will meet him. She will meet shanks and whitebeard and mihawk and even ace and sabo. Summary sucks but please read the story. After a tough childhood he wanted to be free. So he lived life to the fullest and would do anything as long as it was fun. But he had never fallen in love, never felt the sexual attraction the others talked about.

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But after a night of excitement that ended in the ER, he met the person that would change his life forever. His dying words leaving a mark in the mind of the young surgeon, but what will they achieve? Soon he finds himself thrust back into a world he left behind, does he want that life again?

And what is the story behind his now patient in care? Rating lowered to T for now, might change as the story continues. Law] Ace, Straw Hats P. We don't know each other.

No, it was a mistake. And my name is Law, not 'Torao'. Even if no one else remembers She'd never forget, as she stared at the burning, dying, glowing embers She watched them die, immortal in her eyes Full summary is inside because it's very long and is rated T for obvious reasons One Piece - Rated: Being inserted into an anime sucks ass Buuut I guess it could be worse. I mean, look on the bright side: At least I'm sailing with the future king of the pirates. Self-Insert One Piece - Rated: And he stuttered "We'll have to get on a boat?

Naruto shivered, and muttered "I Hate water" The group moved quickly down the road. They finally reached the dock as the sun fell, they all froze as a thick fog came over them. Kurenai looked around, she whispered "Keep Tazuna safe, Naruto when there's an opening attack" "The Genjutsu mistress of Konoha, and her Genin team" Suddenly Kurenai dropped down dragging Hinata, and Tazuna with her. Naruto, and Shino mimicked, as a large blade flew over their heads. Naruto stood up, and before he could react Zabuza was in front of him.

He grabbed the short blonde's throat. Team 8 froze up, Zabuza looked up and down the blonde. The blade went straight through the man, splashing Naruto with a small wave of water. Naruto, and Kurenai locked eyes. They both charged towards the missing nin, Naruto jumped into the air, and exclaimed "Eat this no brows, Gum-Gum Rapid Fire" The Jonin easily avoided the blur of fists.

Kurenai slid behind Zabuza, she tore out a kunai, and slashed at the man. Zabuza reacted lightning fast, he grabbed Naruto's arm. And spun, he dragged Naruto with him. Kurenai stopped abruptly, the blade was against the top of Naruto's forehead. Zabuza smirked, and with one hand he grabbed the hilt of his sword "Decapitating Carving Slash" The two spun, Naruto yelled as they blurred.

Kurenai did a back flip dodging the large blade. Naruto punched the ground and yelled "Gum-Gum Bind" Zabuza stopped spinning before he tied himself up. He released the boy, and kicked him in the gut. Naruto rolled against the ground, he moaned "That didn't work well" Kurenai pulled Naruto to his feet.

Zabuza put the blade on his shoulder. Hinata, and Shino watched the two. Naruto's hands increased in size. And Kurenai took a support stance, behind Naruto. He the trees behind him shattered. Zabuza stabbed the sword in the ground, Naruto continued to bash at the large sword. She stopped beside Zabuza. Zabuza smiled at as Naruto slid on his right "Gum-Gum. The large sword slashed from the top right side of Naruto's body, to the bottom left hip. He crashed into the ground, bleeding profusely.

Zabuza forced the Genjutsu user away from her Genin, with powerful slashes from his sword. Zabuza suddenly swung the blade into the air, He grabbed the top of Kurenai's bandages. And brought the sword down, Zabuza smirked. Her head was in the hole on the top of the blade. Blowing the man away from Kurenai, Zabuza's back smashed into a tree. Naruto, and his clones beat the man for a minute before Naruto gasped loudly, and the clones popped.

Zabuza got to his feet. His muscles, and bones roared in protest. Kurenai pulled a blade from her pouch. Zabuza swung the blade into the air, Kurenai was about to throw the Kunai knife when two thin needles flew from the tree line.

And embedded themselves in the back of Zabuza's neck. All the eyes went to a boy wearing a green outfit, and wooden sandals. He had a white mask, with a water country mark on the forehead. A red wave was where the mouth was on the face. Her hands started to glow green. The man jumped down and grabbed onto the man's stomach, and hoisted him onto his shoulder. The large gash closed itself slowly. When the entire gash was she wrapped the dark pink scar in bandages.

Tazuna grabbed her shoulder, he said "Lets go, my daughter owns a house Naruto can rest there" Kurenai nodded, and picked up the blonde. Naruto was able to catch Zabuza off guard like he and Sasuke did in the manga. I hope you enjoyed the Chapter I went back to how I write, I was trying something new with the first Chapter, and I'll be fixing the it. Anyways Now I got a person saying that they didn't like how it skipped around a lot.

Well sorry but it's the first Chapter, and sets up a lot of sub plots. He cracked his eyes open. He was in simple room with cream coloured walls. Hinata, Kurenai, and Shino's sleeping bags were on the floor beside the bed. He stumbled up, his muscles felt like they were weighed down, as he moved slowly towards the door.

His hand moved shakily towards the door, when it suddenly cracked open. I'm Tazuna's daughter" She put her hand out. She's not a med nin, and that you're lucky that the doctor didn't have reopen the gash" Tsunami. Naruto nodded, and pulled at bandages on his chest. The scar on his chest had lightened from when Kurenai had first healed it. Naruto heard his stomach roar, Tsunami smiled "Come on I'll get you something to eat" Naruto followed her down the hall.

Lee jumped back, and bowed his head. Kurenai tore her finger tips from the scar, as if he had burned her. She nodded "Well I'm taking Hinata, and Shino to train.

Guy, and Neji are going to watch Tazuna while he works on the bridge" She turned, and cast one last glance at Naruto "You should rest, Lee, and Tenten are going to protect the house" She added.

Naruto sighed, and followed after his sensei. Naruto watched the older green clad nin walk out, followed shortly by a cold looking Hyuga. Naruto sat at the kitchen table, the constant pain his chest was the constant reminder of his battle with Zabuza. Soon, Kurenai, Shino, and Hinata left. Naruto ate slowly, he noticed the female watching him "What? She jumped over the table, and was looking at the scar "So clean, so straight, not a single jagged mark" She whispered.

Naruto cast a glance back at Lee, he was struggling not scream. Tenten smacked her forehead, and blushed. Naruto laughed "No problem, sorry I met Lee, and you know who I am. But who are you" "Tenten" She replied. The buildings were faded, he caught sight of a few homeless people. The pain in his chest had reduced but was still there. He walked in the forest. The sun was pouring warmth into his body. Seeing thick grass Naruto lied down.

Naruto sighed loudly "This sucks, my teammates are working hard, and I'll I can do is lie down" He closed his eyes, and let sleep take him. It felt like a split second had past when he heard "Hello" Naruto's eyes snapped open, a pretty girl was standing over him, as basket at her side. She wore a light pink kimono, and a had a faint smile on her lips.

She kneeled down, and felt the scar "That's a nasty scar you have" She whispered. Naruto watched the girl begin to dig into her basket, as she replied "What's your goal?

Naruto sighed loudly, as the pain became less. He nodded "Yeah" She smiled, and said "So what's your nindo? The girl stood up, and asked "Can you help find more of these flowers, I need them for a friend of mine" Naruto grinned broadly "Yeah sure thing" He ran deeper into woods, the teen following Naruto.

The next couple of hours Naruto spent in the forest picking pure white flowers from the ground. The girl remained silent for a majority of the time. Hinata, and Shino were sitting in the center of a small pond. Kurenai nodded at the loud blonde. She stabbed a kunai into the tree, and did a back flip. She landed beside Naruto. Naruto nodded, and ran at the tree. He charged towards the tree again. After fifteen minutes Kurenai said "Hinata, Shino lets go, Naruto when you've reached kunai, come and find us" Naruto nodded as he jumped off the tree.

Naruto worked into the night, each time he ran up the tree, he seemed to get closer, and closer to the kunai. Sweat was pouring down his brow as he ran up the side of tree. Naruto's fingers grazed the hilt of the blade, before he waved his hands wildly and fell. He groaned loudly, and yelled loudly "I Was so close!

He thought of the previous wearer, and he had overcome stronger enemies. He slid the hat back on, and breathed deeply. Before running at the tree, he sailed up the tree confidently 'Luffy beat stronger opponents, I won't ever be as strong as him' He then yelled "If I can't do this! Suddenly a Kunai knife landed in between, Naruto was grinning hanging upside down smiling brightly at them "Missed me wifey" He taunted. He dropped from the tree, and landed with a loud thud.

He took to steps before falling down. Both Jonin ran to the blonde "Chakra exhaustion" Kurenai gasped. Guy picked him up, and the two walked back into the house. Guy took Naruto into the room, Hinata, and Shino cast a glance towards their teammate. If That Hunter Nin is truly a false, and is working with Zabuza then we'll be facing a second Jonin level Nin" They all nodded their heads "You all will protect Tazuna, and keep him safe with everything you got, While myself and Guy take the offence against them" They nodded again.

Naruto's eyes cracked open, the sun was blinded him. Lee gave out a loud joyous laugh "Naruto-Kun, it is time to begin training" He roared loudly. Before Naruto could react Lee grabbed his shoulder, and raced out of the building, Naruto's frog sleeping cap fell onto the ground behind.

Lee stopped abruptly, causing Naruto fall into heap of heavily breathing mass "Let us begin five hundred push ups" Lee said loudly. Lee clapped Naruto on the back forcing Naruto onto the ground. Naruto watched the green clad ninja started doing a push ups at a lightning fast pace, Naruto followed suit.

Naruto groaned in pain. Lee clapped him on the back, and said "I Am surprised, you Naruto Uzumaki truly have the fires of youth" Guy flew into the room "Lee, Naruto! Naruto's flames of youth burn brighter than our own! The two slapped his back, Naruto muttered in protest.

He slowly went through the door and crashed into the bed. The paddock Lee, and himself used for the week was destroyed, the tree's were splintered messes [Naruto, and Lee's strength], the ground had large deep gashes [From Naruto's gum-gum] and the small pond beside them was nearly empty [all the drinkable water was drained by the two] Lee was smiling broadly "It has been a long time anybody besides Guy-Sensei, and Neji-San could spar with me" Lee sighed loudly, laying on the ground.

Both boys closed their eyes and let darkness take them. The rest of the ninja were on the bridge, Neji was sitting against the I beams, Shino sitting a couple feet away.

Tenten, and Hinata were sitting on the guard rails beside Tazuna, who was loudly arguing with one of his workers. The man stopped mid step as a deep fog surrounded the bridge. Before she could react the large blade wielder appeared in front of her, and started choking her. Zabuza punched the Kurenai in the gut, she spit up some blood. Both Byakugan users froze as he went straight for Shino. He kneed in the gut, and threw him directly at Neji.

He blurred, and grabbed Tenten. And threw her into the bridge, Hinata swung her fist towards the boy. But he Disappeared, he reappeared behind Hinata and threw her into Tenten. The two male Genin ran two their female teammates. The masked boy stopped, and quickly did a series of hand signs.

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Guy's foot collided with his chest, he slid away from the Genin "Impressive speed" The Green Beast complimented.

Lee groaned and turned his head towards Naruto "Yeah" He yawned. The two moved quickly into the village both slid to a stop as they heard a loud scream. Both whipped their heads "That sounds like Naruto nodded and turned towards the bridge and ran.

Lee looked, two men with large swords were holding Tsunami.

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Inari was yelling loudly at them. Lee tore the weights off his shins, and disappeared. She whipped her head around, Lee had punched two in the face knocking them unconscious. Lee looked at Tsunami "Are you ok? Lee turned towards the boy. Inari glared "Hero's don't exist they all die" Inari told Lee.

Attempts on his life, all for one person" Lee told him, Inari's eyes went wide. Inari watched Lee, he turned towards the bridge. Naruto put his hands up and told his teacher "No" Zabuza laughed "You got guts kid" He started towards Naruto, the Carving Knife on his shoulder.

The fists past through Zabuza, Naruto hissed as he felt the dull side of the sword, hit him in the spine. He whipped around but the man was already gone.

They all heard a loud crack as the back side of the sword smashed onto the top of Naruto's head. He turned to the shocked jonin "Rubber Boy" He taunted. He swung both his fist into the man. Zabuza felt the flurry of fist collide crush his stomach, he growled "Haku now" Naruto stop as Zabuza slammed into the guard rail. Zabuza punched Naruto in the face, forcing the teen to stumble back.

He felt four more needles. Zabuza kneed him in the gut. Kurenai got to her feet and charged the two.

She grabbed Haku, and punched him in the face. Zabuza smirked, and picked Naruto up. She pulled the needles out, the holes glowed bright red for a split second closing quickly. His eyes shifted dangerously, Kurenai watched Naruto worriedly. Haku, and Zabuza watched at the two. He winced at the elbow to the stomach. Find out in S. But the mastermind behind the abductions may prove too cunning even for the great detective!

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A threat from another reality. The death of everything. Only the Tomorrows can save us. The finale to volume 1 of the hottest comic in the multiverse is here! Tyler takes Sebastian on a dreamland tour to explain human history and the new future Rize or Die has planned. Sebastian, it would seem, is only the latest man in many generations to have his life steered and destroyed by Tyler. The writers of Write Klub are no help whatsoever. No, actually, they fight. In a precinct not known for murder, a killer is on the loose.

As two nigh-immortal champions brawl for dominance of the ever-shrinking extradimensional Zone 27, the populace below remain oblivious of the cataclysm that could cause their annihilation from the rooftops above!